Personal file : Ton Eyssen, visual artist, autodidact, photographer, Aikidoka (Japan’s martial art)
Birthplace : Maastricht, the Netherlands  
Telephone : 0031-(0)629287778  Information for prices of arts, pleas phone
Internet : www.artonius.nl
E-mail : toneyssen@kpnplanet.nl
Education : Autodidact - Creative-centre Art The Triomph in Lixhe, Belgium
Work of art : Modern art, acrylic paintings, mixed techniques and objects

My personal view:

Making a painting or object, based on imagination – fiction or non-fiction – is my biggest inspiration. The things I make are based on pictures I absorb in my mind, like subjects or symbols from a movie, books or pictures. One little detail, an abstraction, gives me enough starting points to create a work of art. I often get inspired by the classical ages and cultures. I express my inspiration – also coming from treasures, old customs and colourful life forms from now and then – in symbolism, reflection, peace, silence and spiritualism.The composition of objects and paintings is bases on mixed techniques. The objects are build up by rest material, I often prefer weathered parts. Most of the time there’s no obvious plan. My fantasy is a reservoir of observations and stimulated by structures, colour, pencil strokes and al kinds of material. It is possible that the origin plan, during the creative process, can turn round in a complete other direction.For me, it’s a condition that – in the end - everything is surprising. It’s not necessary to search for a recognizable style. In fact, a piece of art is never completed, but at a certain moment you’ll have to call it a day. Why does there have to be an explanation for everything? Is it interesting, repulsive? Suit yourself!

Often I have no idea what I’am going to create, and when I do know; finally it turns out to be something else.

Is it really interesting when you beforehand already know what you are going to create?

I create things my way! I don’t have the patience to do an in-depth study of subjects, just because some art-authorities think everything has to be done in a certain way or certain style.

My memory is a repository of remembered observations. They are the bases of my work of art.

In a way everything is interesting. To often people see or listen to superficial.

For me a work of art is never complete, but there is a time you have to call it a day.




2019  Kunstmarkt Kasteel Rijckholt

2018  Werkplaats K Kerkrade

2017  Winnaar Inbeeld prijs 2017 zie link  https://hklimburg.nl/artikelen/talent-beeld-ton-eyssen

2017  Global Art Tongeren (België)

2016  Global Art Tongeren (België)

2016  Onze lieve vrouwen galerie Maastricht

2016  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2015  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2015  Kunstroute Eijsden

2014  Galerie 'GEJA' Maastricht

2014  Juwelier Willie Vossen Maastricht

2014  Kunst in vietrien Eyssen

2014  Kunstmarkt Kasteel Rijckholt

2014  Kunstproeven Stein

2014  Kunstroute Heugem 2014

2014  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2013  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2013  Mini maker faire Kerkrade

2013  Tefaf parade: Juwelier Willy Vossen Maastricht

2012  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2012  kunstwinkel te Stein

2012  Galerie 'GEJA' Maastricht

2011  'Health club' (Golden Tulip hotel) Maastricht

2011  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2011  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek' groepsexpositie Gulpen  

2011  kunstwinkel te Stein

2010  'Health club' (Golden Tulip hotel) Maastricht

2010  Galerie Mestriner Noorbeek

2010  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek' groepsexpositie Gulpen

2009  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek' groepsexpositie Gulpen

2008  Galerie 'H & H' groepsexpositie Maatricht  

2008  Château Neercanne   L'Auberge  Maastricht   

2007  Galerie 'Groen Licht'  groepsexpositie Maastricht  

2007  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek' groepsexpositie Gulpen

2007  Galerie 'Art in Maupertuus'  groepsexpositie Geulle 

2006  Galerie 'Groen Licht'  groepsexpositie Maastricht 

2005  Galerie 'Groen Licht'  groepsexpositie Maastricht

2005  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek' Gulpen

2004  Galerie 'GEJA' Maastricht

2003  Zorgcentrum Molenhof  Maastricht

2003  Kunstmarkt 'Onze Lieve Vrouweplein' Maastricht

2003  Galerie 'Amato" Groznjan (Istrië) Kroatië

2002  Hotel Winselerhof & Restaurant Pirandello Landgraaf 

2002  'Health club' (Golden Tulip hotel) Maastricht

2002  Galerie 'Hoeve Den Erver', groepsexpositie Beek

2001  Medisch Centrum van Additieven Geneeskunde Maastricht

2001  'Health club (Golden Tulip hotel) Maastricht

2001  'Fête Totaal' Noorbeek

2000  'MECC fit' Maastricht

2000  'Health club' (Golden Tulip hotel) Maastricht

2000  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek', groepsexpositie Gulpen

1999  Kasteelhoeve 'Navagne' Moelingen België

1999  Galerie 'Hoeve Den Erver' Beek

1999  Galerie 'Auw Sjoeklaatfabriek', groepsexpositie Gulpen

1998  Nominatie 'Alphons Wintersprijs' Gouvernement Maastricht

1998  Creatief centrum 'Art de Triomph', groepsexpositie Maastricht 

1997  Kasteel Rijckholt ‘Het Koetshuis’ Rijckholt 

1997  Creatief centrum 'Art de Triomph', groepsexpositie Maastricht

1996  Nominatie 'Alphons Wintersprijs' Gouvernement  Maastricht 

1996  Creatief centrum 'Art de Triomph', groepsexpositie Maastricht 

1995  Galerie 'Tracé', groepsexpositie Maastricht.